About Us

By Cookie H. was established in New Zealand in 2008. The brand's eponymous designer, Cookie H., interned at Karen Walker, Zambesi and worked as a fashion consultant for MR/MISS NEWZELAND during her studies in New Zealand.

In 2008, while studying at WHITE CLIFFE College, Cookie launched her own brand, By Cookie H..

In 2010, Cookie opened the first directly owned independent designer brand and atelier model of customised services overseas.

In 2015, Cookie returned to her hometown Guangzhou to open her first brick and mortar shop in the same format as before, and collaborated with a number of famous buyer shops in China and abroad.

In 2022, Cookie joined forces with Ocean Fung to open the UK's first official online shop.

To be continued ......

The brand's design language is based on black, white and grey, and is hand-crafted; Cookie's creations are rarely seen in the colourful colours of ordinary fashion. Her work is more about fabric threads and irregular cuts to achieve an 'imperfect' effect, showing the 'mess' behind the production. This expresses the idea that no one and nothing is absolutely perfect and that there is no need to blindly pursue absolute perfection.

Cookie believes that only handmade tailoring can bring each garment to life, giving life and soul to every inch of the fabric, and with her creations she creates the image of a dark witch in her dreams, complementing the name of her shop Lonely Dream Atelier.

By Cookie H. is divided into several different collections, currently the main couture line Clown Play, the secondary line Anonymours Lab, the dress collection Living Dolls Project, the children's collection C for Courtney and the high fashion collection Lonely Dream.

The clothing fabrics are made from imported natural materials, using different handcrafted vegetable dyeing techniques. As a result, each garment is not only unique in colour but also environmentally friendly. The fabric used in the collection is a non-cultural heritage of Guangdong, China. It is renowned for its lightness, breathability and comfort.

Cookie's designs are based on the concept of non-season, thus criticising the environmental damage caused by over-consumption.

Lonely Dream Atelier BY COOKIE H.